updates Roadmap v1 NFT Collection websites with 3rd Party Tools

Art101 · Patrn
2 min readMar 23, 2022


Art101 today launched updated versions of their Roadmap v1 NFT Collection Websites. These updates include new “3rd Party Tools” sections as well as minor formatting and cosmetic changes.

With the release of a large variety of 3rd Party Tools being made available for Art101 Roadmap v1 NFT Collections, a place to easily find them all was becoming a necessity. As a result, art101 has released updates to their NFT collection websites, including 3rd Party Tool information like Marketplace Verifications, Rarity Rankings, and Data Analytics, as well as updated Smart Contract details, Github links, and other related information.

Links to new 3rd Party Tools sections:

These pages will continue to be maintained and updated with new tools and information as they become available. In addition, expect other upcoming and existing Art101 NFT collections to list similar information on their websites in the future. Art101 also stores all of this website information on ipfs servers, for continued and permanent availability should the webservers hosting these websites ever go down.

About Art101

Art101 explores iconic artists and art movements with generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, the Bauhaus movement, and more, Art101 is hoping to raise the collective brow of the NFT-scene. Art101’s NFT collections stand in strong contrast to expensive and haphazard NFT drops, encouraging a more discerning NFT collector.

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Art101 · Patrn explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with generative NFT collections.