Art101 reveals Roadmap for Round Two NFT Drops and new Website Redesign

Art101 reveals Roadmap for Round Two NFT Drops as well as new Website Redesign

Art101 is excited to reveal its roadmap for Round Two NFT Drops, as well as it’s newly redesigned website

Art101 Logo

Round 2 Roadmap

Art101 completed its original Roadmap v1 on Oct. 22nd, 2021. Minting over 14,336 free NFTs over four months. Roadmap v1 collections include Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT, SoupxMondrian, and Bauhaus Blocks.

All Art101 NFT drops are minted on their own unique website with clearly documented provenance.

Roadmap v2 features different increased exclusivity, fewer publicly available free mints, different formats, and lower overall supply.

Phase 1

R. Mutt Logo
R. Mutt

R. Mutt

Release Date: January 2022

Supply: 2048

In 1917 the New York’s Society of Independent Artists held an art show. The show had a policy of accepting all works, so long as the artist paid the entry fee. Before the opening, Marcel Duchamp bought a urinal, signed it R. Mutt, and submitted it upside-down as ‘Fountain.’ The first ready-made, Duchamp’s Fountain founded the Dada movement.

Phase 2

NFT-isse logo


Release Date: March 2022

Supply: 3072

‘King of the Wild Beasts,’ Henri Matisse is the premiere artist of the 20th century. Nicknamed for founding ‘fauvism,’ Henri reinvented color. Matisse used heavily saturated, garish, and unrealistic colors. He broke all the rules.

Phase 3



Release Date: May 2022

Supply: 4096

You may not recognize the name, but you know the art. Everyone’s seen Roy Lichtenstein’s work. With his characteristic thick outlines, bold colors, and Benday dots, Lichtenstein appropriated consumer art. Reframing comics for the art gallery, he changed how and where people saw art.

New Website

Art101 Website Picture’s new website

With the launch of Round 2’s Roadmap, Art101 is also launching its newly redesigned website. The redesigned website includes many new useful and informative sections, including:

  • Art101’s Philosophy — Brief introduction on who Art101 is and what we are about.
  • NFT Drop list — Full list of all completed Art101 NFT drops.
  • Round 2 Roadmap — Details and release dates of all Round Two Art101 NFT drops.

About Art101

Art101 explores these iconic 20th-century artists and movements with free-to-mint generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, and the Bauhaus movement, we’re hoping to raise the collective brow of the NFT-scene.

With Open-Source development by lza_menace, distinct metadata, and high-quality artwork by Cartyisme, Art101’s free-to-mint NFT collections stand in strong contrast to expensive and haphazard NFT drops. To encourage a more discerning NFT collector.



-- explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with generative NFT collections.

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Art101 · Patrn

Art101 · Patrn explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with generative NFT collections.

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