BASED VITALIK Creator ART101 puts community over profits, gives full refund and moves NFT to free-to-mint

Art101’s History and Future

Since August 2021, ART101 has minted over 20,000 NFTs across five generative collections, generating more than $2 million in sales volume in the secondhand market. With a fully doxxed team and contract source code publicly available, the ART101 team has positioned itself as one of the more reputable NFT creators.

Bad Timing

BASΞD VITALIK’s release was one of unfortunate timing. Shortly after announcing their release date, some of the most anticipated NFT drops in months began announcing their own releases on the same week. The drop date quickly became crowded with massive projects utilizing much larger promotional campaigns. Starcatchers and Invisible Friends minted on the same days as the BASΞD VITALIK allowlist and public mints, with Wonderpals shortly after. Howlerz and 3Landers also minted on that same week, as well as a major Pixelmon reveal.

Full refund, move to Free-to-Mint.

With ART101 unwilling to leave their supporters in a bad situation, artist Carty Sewill announced the shocking but exciting move. “Art101 would rather have 0 ETH and a minted-out contract than 25 ETH with 15% of the supply minted. So here’s the rub, we’ve refunded all BASΞD VITALIK minters, more than 60,000 USD in total.”

Mission Accomplished — BASΞD VITALIK mints out.

With the early BASΞD VITALIK minters waking up to a full refund, the community quickly filled with excitement. The additional news that the collection was Free-to-Mint was the icing on the cake for the rest of the ART101 collectors. It was evident from the response that this was the correct decision.

Artist Carty Sewill

The artist behind the Art101 NFT collections is Carty Sewill, with over a decade of consistent creation. He is studied at San Jose State University, where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy. When starting his art career, Carty worked as a freelance graphic designer as he worked in several exhibitions and art installations. As Carty’s career as an artist developed, he presented his works in various California and New York galleries before switching to digital mediums and eventually moving into NFTs with Art101.

About Art101

Art101 explores iconic 20th-century artists and art movements with generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Warhol, Mondrian, and the Bauhaus movement, Art101 hopes to raise the collective ‘brow’ of the NFT-scene. Art101’s NFT collections stand in strong contrast to expensive and haphazard NFT drops, encouraging a more discerning NFT collector.



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Art101 · Patrn

Art101 · Patrn

26 Followers explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with generative NFT collections.