“Minting Out > Money” — Art101 makes BASED VITALIK NFT free, refunds over $60k

Art101 would rather have 0 ETH and a minted-out contract than 25 ETH with 15% of the supply minted. So here’s the rub, we’ve refunded all BASΞD VITALIK minters, more than 60,000 USD in total. Minting is temporarily closed until Monday the 28th. At 8 PM PST on 2/28/2022 we will re-open BASΞD VITALIK as a free-to-mint NFT @ https://basedvitalik.io.

You can preview what’s already minted at our official collection page on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/basedvitalik

That’s right. If you minted a BASΞD VITALIK, your ETH has been refunded. If you sold on OpenSea, however, you have not. (As no one sold below their mint price.) Addresses that purchased a BASΞD VITALIK NFT on secondary markets will receive an airdrop, as a special thanks.

Minting is now closed. BASΞD VITALIK will re-open for minting on February 28th @ 8PM PST at 0.00 ETH per mint.

At 613 already minted and 600 revealed, the remaining supply is now 4,349 BASΞD VITALIK. The contract is ERC-721A, bulk-minting is cheap, and there’s a 30 token per TX limit. It should be fun. Reveal will take place 72 hours after minting out.

Let’s face it, Art101 chose the worst possible mint date for BASΞD VITALIK. This week Invisible Friends, Starcatchers, 3Landers, and Wonderpals minted. As a result, we got drowned out in all the hype. Minting was slow, and page views were at a minimum.

Art101 doesn’t wanna leave anyone holding bags, especially those of you who came out to support us. We aren’t hype-lords, that’s fine with us. We’re more interested in making NFTs than stacking ETH. And we just returned 65,000 USD to prove it. Like Warhol said, “The idea is not to live forever; it’s to make something that will.”

That’s how all this started, and that’s how it will stay. So what’s next you wonder? More free drops. R. Mutt is next, and then… more free drops. As we said, we just wanna make NFTs. We’ll let the market decide the rest.

Art101 holders will receive early access to all future drops.



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