Patrn and Art101 get verified with Brave Creator program.

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Brave and Patrn seek to empower Individual through Web3

Through the use of cryptocurrency, both Brave and Patrn have sought to help advance Web3 growth and utility with the empowerment of individual creators, both taking their own unique approaches to this issue.

Join Brave Creators

Joining the Brave Creator program is something that Patrn recommends for any aspiring NFT Artist or Web3 user, including its own Patrn Verified Artists. Platforms available to be Creator Verified, referred to as “Channels”, include Twitter, Reddit, Personal Websites, Youtube, and more.

Patrn and Art101 Verified Accounts and Websites

The following official Patrn and Art101 websites and accounts have been Verified through Brave Creators:

About Brave

Brave Software’s fast, privacy-oriented browser, combined with its blockchain-based digital advertising platform, is reinventing the Web for users, publishers, and advertisers. Users get a private, speedier web experience with much longer battery life, publishers increase their revenue share, and advertisers achieve better conversion. Users can opt into privacy-respecting ads that reward them with BAT (Basic Attention Token), a frequent flyer-like token they can redeem or use to tip or contribute to publishers and other content creators. The Brave solution is a win-win for everyone who has a stake in the open Web and who is weary of giving up privacy and revenue to the ad-tech intermediaries. Brave currently has over 25.4 million monthly active users and over 1 million Verified Publishers. Brave Software was co-founded by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla (Firefox), and Brian Bondy, formerly of Khan Academy and Mozilla.

About Patrn is a social platform for crowdfunding NFTs. Make ETH contributions to original content, and when it’s goal is met a multi-edition NFT is minted, then airdropped to all contributors. What’s left is sent to the artist. The NFTs are then available to view and trade on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces.

About Art101

Art101 explores these iconic 20th-century artists and art movements with generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, and the Bauhaus movement, we’re hoping to raise the collective brow of the NFT-scene. Art101’s NFT collections stand in strong contrast to expensive and haphazard NFT drops, encouraging a more discerning NFT collector.



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Art101 · Patrn

Art101 · Patrn explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with generative NFT collections.